Dishes for athletes every day

Everyone knows that athletes are ordinary people who, like everyone else, eat, drink, sleep and even go to work. But such sports fans still have differences in their way of life: they need to follow a regime, exercise regularly and adhere to certain dietary rules. But how different are meals for athletes every day?

Basic principles of sports nutrition

Indeed, you rarely meet an athlete who regularly eats pasta, potatoes, confectionery (except for bodybuilders when gaining mass, and they generally avoid such food). For the most part, athletes need to monitor their diet.

By the way, some people who are far from sports are sure that all athletes are on a diet and suffer from hunger all the time. In fact, this is not the case. People who go in for sports, especially professionally, need to provide their body with a sufficient amount of energy, proteins and not forget about the rate of fat. Therefore, meals for athletes every day are very nutritious and they definitely do not go hungry. The ratio of protein, fat and carbohydrates is 30, 20 and 50 percent, respectively. In addition, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and dietary fiber should be present in these dishes. Such a balanced diet provides the body with energy, building materials for building and repairing muscles, substances to support hormonal and neurological processes. In addition, food for the athlete must be free of potentially harmful and toxic substances. It is quite natural that the organization of such a meal requires some culinary skills and a considerable investment of time. Is it possible for athletes to make this process a little easier?

Блюда для спортсменов на каждый день

How to save time on meals?

Of course, the use of various miracles of kitchen technology can significantly reduce the time in the kitchen – combines grind and replace everything that is needed, microwave ovens and multicooker will save time and effort spent on cooking. But is there a way to avoid kitchen hassle altogether? Of course, you can hire a cook who can come and prepare various dishes every couple of days, but there is no guarantee that they will take into account the peculiarities of sports nutrition. In addition, you will also have to buy products on your own or pay extra for this service. Therefore, the services of sports chefs are highly valued. But in recent years, the sports nutrition delivery service has actively developed. In such companies, menus, as a rule, are drawn up with the participation of specialists and take into account the basic requirements for sports and healthy nutrition.

One of the remarkable representatives of this segment of public catering is the GrowFood company. They deliver healthy food throughout Moscow and St. Petersburg. Their menus include restaurant-grade Everyday Athletic Meals . The best fitness trainers of St. Petersburg and professional chefs took part in the development of the daily diet. Two or three times a week, the athlete will receive already prepared, weighed, counted portions in a convenient package that can be taken with you anywhere, easy to warm up and pleasant to eat. To order, just go to the service website or contact the operators by phone and choose a menu that suits your calorie intake. The rest will be done by a highly professional team of chefs. This is the easiest but surest way to get tasty, high-quality and healthy sports nutrition.

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