How to choose sports nutrition?

Having made the decision to go in for sports, you have two main tasks:

  • Drawing up an exercise program, whether at home or in the gym. Regular training and optimal loads are the key to a beautiful sports figure;
  • Selection of sports nutrition. Food is fundamental to the growth of muscle mass and the formation of a relief, so its choice should be approached with special scrupulousness.

Remember that any exercise program will be ineffective without a balanced daily diet. It is important to understand how to choose sports nutrition to gain muscle mass and maintain a toned figure so that it brings maximum benefits to the body.

About varieties of sports nutrition

The athlete’s menu should be high in calories to cover energy costs and leave 300-400 kcal in reserve for muscle growth. It is also necessary to enrich the diet with nutrients, minerals, vitamins responsible for metabolic processes. There are two options for solving this problem.

Food supplements

Dry mixes for cocktails often become a “lifesaver” replacing good nutrition. These include: Как выбрать спортивное питание

  • A complex of amino acids “BCAA” that increases endurance in training, contributes to the increase in muscle mass. It includes leucine, valine, isoleucine – substances that can only be obtained from food;
  • Proteins – regular protein in powder form, which can be of three types according to the rate of absorption: fast, medium and slow;
  • Gainer – complex carbohydrates to increase food calories and accelerate muscle growth;
  • A complex of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids Omega-3, Omega-6 in the form of tablets or the same powder that you can add to drinks.

To “dry” the body, special fat burners are often used, which act on a hormonal level, stimulating the production of adrenaline and blocking some receptors that accelerate the process of burning fat. Professional athletes can afford to use these drugs to boost their athletic performance before competition, for example. However, beginners and amateurs should not include dietary supplements in their diet. Any additives, if used incorrectly, can cause significant damage to health, disrupting metabolic processes in the body.

Ready meals

The easiest and most convenient way to start eating balanced for everyone who does not have time to prepare food is to order ready-made sports nutrition delivered to your home. It has already calculated calories, taken into account the ratio of BJU, and all dishes are prepared in full accordance with the correct healthy diet. In addition, all food is packaged in containers, and you just need to unpack it and, if necessary, warm it up before use. The advantages of such a diet are that the food is prepared from natural products without the addition of preservatives, dyes and enhancers of aroma and taste.

The effect of such nutrition will not be worse than when taking dietary supplements. If you are unsure of how to choose ready-made sports nutrition , check out the Grow Food lines. The assortment includes six menus for every taste, developed by professional nutritionists.

What should be the athlete’s nutrition?

A sports person’s menu largely depends on the kind of sport he is involved in. So, bodybuilders need powerful muscle mass, so their diet should be enriched mainly with carbohydrates and proteins, and the calorie content should be at least 2500 kcal. For gymnasts and everyone involved in stretching, Pilates, aerobics, it is important to be flexible and fit, so the energy value of their diet varies from 1400 kcal to 2000 kcal. To achieve high results, try to select the calorie content of the menu in accordance with the type of your workload, do not forget about the regularity of food intake and drinking regime!

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