How to eat like an athlete

Asking the question “ How to eat for an athlete? ”, few think that this problem is much broader and deeper than the banal selection of products. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and try to figure out what an athlete has, how to cook it, and where to get this food or products.

What does an athlete eat?

In addition to the fact that food must of course be of good quality, a balance between nutrients must be observed throughout the daily diet. Thus, his plate should have proteins, fats, carbohydrates in the correct proportion, as well as a sufficient amount of dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals. It is also important to consider the quality of protein and fat as well as carbohydrates. Such a number of factors makes drawing up a menu for an athlete quite a difficult task, and sometimes even completely impossible. It is because of this that some amateur athletes who begin independent training are forced to sit on a rather modest diet of cottage cheese, chicken breast, buckwheat and barley. You can still add quite a lot of vegetables and fruits here, but another problem arises – what can be prepared from this?

How to prepare food for an athlete?

Continuing our reflections on the topic of how to eat for an athlete, we come to the question of cooking. It is clear that after a good workout, few people have the energy for culinary marathons, and the limited food ration narrows down to a list of 5-10 dishes, including salads and sandwiches. As a result, the level of psychological comfort decreases, followed by motivation and diligence in training. Often it is dietary restrictions that are the reason for the decline in performance and even disruption of athletes. But if, nevertheless, we managed to compose a decent menu and there is a desire to cook it all, then there is still one more problem – where to get food. The rest are wondering where to get ready-made sports nutrition.

Питание спортсмена

Is it possible to buy ready-made meals for people involved in sports?

First, let’s imagine that we decided to cook ourselves. You need to make a purchase weekly. Every day or even every other day is not an option, because then instead of training there will be a marathon from work to shops, then a march in the kitchen in the form of cooking and subsequent cleaning. And then it all comes down to a pack of cold cottage cheese, boiled chicken breast without any frills and a chopped cucumber and a plate of porridge, which we cook immediately for the whole week. This option would scare off many. But what if there is an alternative?

Agree, it would be ideal: no need to run for food and stand at the stove for hours. Just reheat the finished plate and eat according to the regimen. This luxury is not only available to world-class athletes with a personal chef. Now the workers of the healthy food delivery service GrowFood are ready to provide it. In their arsenal there are three nutritional options for athletes at once:

  • Power – for people involved in power sports. Assumes 2,750 calories daily and 7 meals;
  • Fit – for dry athletes who want to lose weight. Contains 1350 calories spread over five meals;
  • Balance – for those who regularly train in various sports. Nutritional value 1800 calories per five meals.

Each of these menus is a ready-made answer to the question ” How to eat an athlete” in all its aspects. Each menu is balanced and adapted to different loads and serves as a complete diet. You can take any reception with you to work, workout and walk. There are options that do not require warming up. And finally: for all seven days you will not meet two identical dishes, so such food simply cannot become boring.

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