Ready meals for the athlete

To date, decent results can be achieved only with very large physical and neuro-emotional overloads that go hand in hand with the athlete before and after the competition.

What does a modern athlete need?

To replenish the lost resources, a balanced diet is a necessary factor. Already gone are the days when an athlete fainted from exhaustion on drying, his eyes did not see from the fact that he had not eaten fats for a month, his legs did not walk, and his hands did not rise from a lack of carbohydrates – the source of all energy. Not a single protein – that’s what we want to answer to those athletes who still adhere to the old-fashioned methods. Not all the awards received after the competition are worth the problems that such an athlete faces during preparation. Grow Food has partnered with nutritionists to develop Ready Meals for the Athlete . If you want to restore efficiency, activate anabolic processes, you just need an adequate amount of energy. Many people try to compensate for the losses with the help of special sports nutrition, but this is often not enough for the normal functioning of the body. For full-fledged life, without fear of hungry fainting or overload in the gym, it is vitally important for any athlete that the body accepts substances, micro and macro elements, not only the appropriate amount, but also in the required ratio.

For many years we have been hatching the idea of ​​making the athlete’s world easier …

One should not forget that the danger lies not only in lack, but also in overabundance. For example, if you, in pursuit of the next jerk, took an additional dose of amino acids, vitamins or other sports food, this is perceived by the body as an excess. This is how metabolic disorders begin. To avoid this, you should rationally weigh and compare all the nuances of your life. As we have already mentioned, existence is impossible without normal nutrition. But, only one word – existence, drives you into despondency and hopelessness. And we are all people with great ambitions, goals and we do not agree with commonplace things, we need it to be useful, beautiful and of course tasty. Oh, yes, it also fit into the daily calorie intake. All this and much more you will find in your refrigerators when you place your order by calling the Grow Food hotline. For many years we have been hatching the idea of ​​making the athlete’s world easier to free up your time for new achievements.

But is it even easier? Are you gaining mass? I called, said the magic word – POWER (this is the name of our diet for gaining muscle mass), and do not forget to name the address where this “power” needs to be delivered!

If you are losing weight, the keyword is even easier to remember – FIT (the diet is aimed at losing weight or keeping yourself in shape). By the way, for those who are drying, this menu will also come in handy. Don’t make yourself unconscious! Simply order the FIT menu and your cubes will be like paving stones near the Mausoleum. Doubtful neighborhood, but the paving stones are so cool.

You have a regular functional ready-made diet for the athlete to help you! Namely a diet called BALANCE. The total daily calorie intake is from 1800 to 2000 kcal. This is enough to make you feel always cheerful and in a good mood.

The DAILY diet is suitable for excellent athletes, whose figure does not require improvements, but asks to maintain shape. Here three meals a day, in contrast to the previous five meals. And the DAILY + diet is designed to consume more calories per day, in case you are overweight.

Choosing any diet that suits you, you will always be quality, healthy and fed on time. I wish you health and positive!

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