Sports nutrition prices

You are an athlete. You need to consume a lot of food in order to be always in shape. And it doesn’t matter if you are gaining weight or losing weight now. Five meals a day has not been canceled yet. If you have a desire for a tasty and satisfying meal, what do you usually do?

Option one – the most expensive – going to the supermarket

You go to the supermarket for groceries, figure out what to cook and actually cook. This option is the most difficult and is suitable for those who do not go uphill, but bypass it. Let’s calculate the costs. First of all, time costs are striking. Not everyone has markets in the next house, i.e. you need to get to it somehow. As a rule, when you want something tasty and satisfying, there is no idea what exactly to eat to satisfy this desire. Therefore, we go to the store with an unformed idea. In the course of the play, sorting out, you choose a certain set of products, and go home. When you come home, you will definitely find that you have not bought something. This is a classic of the genre. And here you face an insidious dilemma: go to the store again, spending the same amount of time, or cook without this forgotten product, but the taste of the dish or even its quality will not be at all what you expected after traveling such a long way to the supermarket … Those. even at the initial stage, we have huge costs or frustrations, or perhaps both. The products you bought do not always, one might even say – in most cases, do not meet your expectations of taste, smell, quality. And sometimes even their suitability is in doubt – it may be that you are in a hurry, forgot to look at the expiration date, and perhaps you do not have such a habit at all. Food prices. A whole book can be devoted to this question. But we will focus on the formulation that the prices in our stores are, to put it mildly, high. So, preparation. This is the part of our time that cannot be compared even with a trip to the store and back. This is an incredibly long and sometimes tedious process, when, as a result, you do not feel like eating, the main thing is that it all ends. And so every day. As a result, we have some drawbacks on all points: time costs are very long, money costs are very expensive, quality is questionable. And at this moment, the thought that prices for sports nutrition should be one order of magnitude lower.

Option two – expensive – restaurant

You have decided to go to a cafe or restaurant. You are once again in the TOP 3 most expensive activities that would help satisfy your desire to eat. Time – a trip to a restaurant through city traffic jams will be quite expensive. The time spent on studying the menu, waiting for the waiter and actually waiting for the order itself could have been spent more rationally. Quality: you do not know how and from what products the food that you will eat is prepared. As a rule, restaurants and cafes are guilty of buying a fairly large number of products at once. Therefore, their freshness can be a big question. Also, you have no idea how long the finished dish has lain. Prices are the peak of costs! If your goal was to spend most of your earnings on food, then this option is ideal for you.

Option three – the most correct – ordering food from Grow Food

Order ready-made, balanced, and therefore healthy food from Grow Food. It’s a good start, let’s figure out the costs. Time spent – maximum 5 minutes to choose one ration out of five presented, in accordance with your requirements and goals, and place an order by calling the company’s hotline. Quality: GF purchases products daily. The products used are of the highest quality. We don’t skimp on our meals. We value and value our reputation and each client. Therefore, with GF you will always be fed with delicious, high-quality and healthy food. Prices for sports nutrition from our company will pleasantly surprise you. There is no comparison with the options above – we buy all products in bulk and many at producer prices, so the cost of your diet will be lower than if you buy food yourself, and even more so if you eat in restaurants.

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