Efficient nutrition for gaining muscle mass for men

The rate of gaining muscle mass , its stable and even distribution, the prevention of stretch marks (stretch marks on the skin) by more than 50 percent depends on proper and balanced nutrition. Even if classes to increase the volume of muscle mass are carried out with the aim of losing weight, the athlete’s menu must contain the required amount of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

The main mistake of many beginner strength training men is the rejection of carbohydrates and fats in favor of protein. Boiled chicken and protein are good, but the body of an adult exercising man every day requires at least 2500 calories per day, the formation of muscle structure occurs due to complex hormonal processes that are inconceivable without fats. A properly composed and balanced menu will help you achieve the desired results in the shortest possible time.

Do not forget that during strength training, the body selects all the substances it needs from the accumulated resources available. This means the following. If you are not getting enough protein to build muscle, your body will be nourished by breaking down and depleting unused muscle groups.

Let’s take a look at the basic dietary guidelines for fast muscle gain for men. With serious physical exertion and the desired result in the form of a beautiful, toned and relief body, it is necessary not only to draw up a menu correctly, but also to choose the right meal regimen.

  1. On days of increased strength training, it is unacceptable to reduce food intake to one or two times. The daily dose should be divided into 5-6 doses.
  2. When compiling a daily menu, you must adhere to the following indicators: 30 percent fat, 20 percent protein and about 50 percent carbohydrates. The figures given are relative, well tolerating a deviation of up to 5 percent in the direction of decrease or increase.
  3. On muscle-building training days, it is advisable to eat an hour before training and 30-40 minutes after it ends.
  4. Taking drinks at night, enriched with ingredients that stimulate muscle growth and metabolic processes, helps the body to function properly, even during sleep.

A sample daily menu of a man aimed at creating a relief body looks like this:

First meal. A platter of two eggs (scrambled eggs or scrambled eggs) and a sweet dessert will help you wake up and recharge.

Second . Turkey meatballs or cutlets are a great source of protein for your upcoming workout.

Meals 3 and 4 are usually in the middle of the day, and therefore may include meals that are high in fat and carbohydrates. Shawarma with chicken or Carbonara paste with cheese will not only allow you to get a portion of the building substances necessary for the body, but also launch the necessary hormonal processes.

In the fifth method, it is most desirable to use various curd dishes (cheese cakes, casseroles, yogurt smoothies). Calcium is essential during the training process, as it normalizes water exchange and strengthens bones, ligaments and joints, which are exposed to unusual effects during strength loads.

The last sixth and one of the most important meals should not only allow you to get a feeling of fullness and sleep peacefully, but also trigger the necessary metabolic processes. A lemon detox shake, protein shake, or strawberry lemonade are ideal.

And the last thing. Remember that a properly composed tasty and varied menu can speed up muscle gain by 1.5-2 times and turn any process associated with changing your own body into a daily holiday.

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